Services provided

Large scale social research projects – 
Questionnaire development, quality checks on script conversion to CAPI, data file preparation, validation & cleaning.
Trinity College Dublin, Ageing Study – TILDA Wave 1 and 2,
Northern Ireland Cohort Study on Ageing NICOLA Wave 1,
Sport NI, Sport and Physical Activity Survey, SAPAS
Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Continuous  Tenant Omnibus Survey (CTOS)

SPSS file preparation – 
Preparation of variable names, variable labels, value labels, creation of new variables
Data file merging, splitting, weighting, including gross weighting
Provision of survey output, frequencies, cross-tabs with statistical measures

Script writing in Surveycraft, NIPO
Script checking using Blaise, Dimensions, Quancept, In2view
Online survey testing

Report writing & checking – 
Proof reading research reports, checking figures against provided tables or SPSS data files.  Preparation of technical guides on social research projects.

Data entry – 
Postal surveys, employee satisfaction surveys.  Data entry into Excel, Access, SPSS

Open-ended responses – coding and verbatim – 
Converting open-ended responses into a numeric coding frame
Proof reading and tidying up of verbatim responses

Interviewer training and survey briefing – 
Face-to-face and telephone interviewers – training
Survey briefing, multi-day, covering fieldwork procedures, survey background, administration procedures